Expressions with “mind”
June 12, 2018
من واقع التسليم باليقينيات إلى ثقافة طرح التساؤلات
July 10, 2018


A student asked his elderly educator this question: “Can human beings behave as a machine in the future?”

The teacher answered by asking the following question: ” What do you mean by machine?”

The student answered : ” I mean receiving instructions and carry out what you are told to do without using you mind or emotion”

The elderly man said: “Such a scenario has already taken place!”

The young student: “how?”

The educator went on: ” It’s a cultural issue. When you kill the critical thinking of a person and shape his mind following your own strategy, he will voluntarily do what you want him to do”.

The boy asked for more clarification and the wise man grew more eloquent: “when I teach you my language and eliminate yours, I then shape your insights following the meanings I want you to perceive. Besides you will find the spirit of my dialogue and values wherever you go: on media, at school, university, shopping centers … My culture will seem to you tempting and engulfing all the dimensions of beauty and hope. You become more attracted to my way of living and you will despise yours. You will, undoubtedly, fall prey to my cultural evasion. You will be always looking forward to the future but you neglect your present and forget your past that you even don’t know. You will live lost without memory in a complete confusion and darkness and you will find your light and refuge in the memory I prepared, in advance, for you. In brief, you eliminate yourself and apply the pattern and role I defined for you.”



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