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April 4, 2019
The language as a weapon of mass destruction
April 4, 2019

The Collapse Of Our Values

We witness an era where the economic prevails, the political dominates the cultural, and doubt invades certainty. We find ourselves lost in the ongoing advanced stage of capitalism where the fierce competition between the economic powers is destroying whatever resistance it might encounter on its way and breaking all the rules and morals.

At the international level, relations are shaped on the basis of pure economic interests without paying attention to any morals or humane considerations. At the national level the economic has deepened the gap between social classes and brought about an unprecedented antagonism inside society. Socially people forge their relationship on the basis of some economic criteria that needs only to be regulated on specific written agreement. Everything can be auctioned.

In fact, we despise some vital values such as hard work, loyalty, honesty, selflessness and satisfaction, while, unluckily, some poisonous values are leading our behaviour and initiatives, poisoning our noble humane side. Selfishness, usefulness, take -give, smartness, opportunism, ungratefulness and materialism present a battery of values that have grown with the process of globalisation and redefined the core meaning of some values such as patriotism, satisfaction, success, marriage, idol, family and friendship.

We tend to consume more than to produce. We borrow money to satisfy our endless needs defying our shrinking financial ability. There is a horrible race towards the last brands of cars, mobile phones, clothes, etc. We welcome the western way of living without being aware of the major dissimilarities between cultures. We focus on our material satisfaction to the detriment of the spiritual one. We neglect the depth and we look up to the appearance.

We are ready to follow any ways that may lead to the fulfillment of our objectives without wondering about their legality, since our concentration targets the goal to achieve instead of the means. Our political elite seems to be keen on fulfilling their owns personal goals rather than serving the common good and therefore shape a bright future for our generations.

For sure such human disastrous instincts have affected our way of thinking and stood as an incentive to violence, crime, and terrorism as a response to the overwhelming greed of domination and expansion.

The one became insolent to oneself unable to face one’s conscience or critical thinking if they are still awake.

How can we boost our optimism and positive thinking in such a shameful reality?

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