The Collapse Of Our Values
April 4, 2019
Citizenship And Dignity
April 4, 2019

The language as a weapon of mass destruction

We certainly use languages to communicate with our acquaintances, express our thoughts, discover cultures and enrich our knowledge. We enjoy reading novels and poetry, watching movies, listening to music irrespective of the identity. The language makes us reach the zenith of the human inspiration and creation. No one seems ready to argue about the noble mission of languages and the rich diversity they reflect.

Unluckily some intentional deviation occurred and the language seems to have abandoned its noble and humane mission since it turns to a means of invasion and destruction. In fact, we are exposed to a brutal invasion of concepts that seem tempting and soft to the receiver, but they engulf and carry some typical meaning directed by some hidden cultural and economic considerations. The said concepts imposed some meanings that serve the agenda of the invader (the sender and powerful) and set a certain normalisation: reception, storage then exploitation. The final exploitation of these concepts is actually dictated and defined in advance by the sender, there is no room for any kind of critical thinking or preconception.

The process targets our understanding and the way we perceive things in order to assure and maintain a brutal dependance to the invader and his greed.

In other words the semantic war (the process) targets our way of thinking and living to guarantee a complete normalisation and alienation of the whole community. It has encircled us from all sides using mass media and a mercenary of our intelligentsia. This war prevents us from the right of thinking, criticizing or even dreaming. No difference is thinkable but only the sovereignty of the invader values that prevail. It hires a soft feature that turns swiftly to a brutal aggressive destructive power.

The invader has also created and encouraged a certain linguistic anarchy inside the community in order to weaken the local language, destroy the community own immune system and deepen its dependence to the powerful.

Globalisation has virtually broken all rules and tried to lead the whole world towards a defined way of living. We used to talk about military wars and conflicts, now these wars hire a cultural dimension and target the person from an early age.

The development of nations is based on the development and the enrichment of the local language and dialects and the respect of the local values and specificity.

The continuity of life is also based on a strict biological diversity rule and any attempt to break this rule will threaten the whole globe.

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