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April 4, 2019
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April 4, 2019

The Educator

The status of the educator in society reflects its true level of development, its position in the world, and its ability to face future challenges.

Whenever you ask a teenager about his / her professional ambition, the common answer will be a doctor, an engineer, a singer or a football player. The reasons that stand behind this vision are obvious and don’t require any deep thinking to be revealed, these jobs attract wealth and fame in the blank of an eye.

This vision, purely materialistic, reflects the typical way of thinking of a society as a whole that neglected its values and almost lost its identity.

Everyone agrees that education stands at the core of any development and directs the reform policy. In fact, developed countries and some developing countries have targeted the human capital investment to guarantee the global development of the nation.

The educator is seen as the pivot of any sustainable development and its battery charger. Such a status seems to be difficult to apprehend.

Unfortunately, most of us look down on the job and ignore the hazardous effects and self destruction that such a vision may bring about. In other words, the marginalization of the status of the educator leads to the sovereignty of ignorance and bankruptcy.

Before defining the meaning of the concept “educator”, maybe it’s advisable to remind ourselves of the supreme mission of education. As a matter of fact, education builds the personality of the person and lets him / her get and practice his / her autonomy, makes one able to acquire knowledge and skills, sensitizes us of the vital importance of values, leads us to reach the truth of things, awakens conscience in order to correct one’s behavior, and forges a strong civil society based on the practice of a real effective citizenship, etc.

Who can accomplish this inconceivable and challenging mission?

We are, in advance, aware of the impossibility of defining with accuracy the concept of “educator”. The dimensions engendered by its deep and sensitive meaning make any attempt to form a defining paradigm a complicated one. However, we will apply some courage and prudence so as to define the repertoire of this special person who inspires the future national intelligentsia.

First of all, no one can lead a successful professional career in the absence of some dedication and readiness for sacrifice.

Concerning an educator’s character, he / she should be serious, flexible, self-made, friendly, and open minded, etc.

Besides, the educator should have a charismatic personality to impose one’s respect. In other words, the receiver must look up to the educator and keep his / her concentration awake during classes.

Furthermore, the educator should:

-shape a vision about his goals inside the classroom to be able to define the suitable tools to achieve them;

-be able to restrain the instincts of selfishness and individualism since the educator is supposed to be a giver.

-This person is always posed to give without expecting any reward;

-be aware of the psychology of the receiver and know how to deal with people from different ages, social classes and status;

-develop a high sense of responsibility;know how to cope with any misbehaviour that might occur from some receiver.

-give advice by being the example : deeds, not words.anticipate the reaction of the receiver to discover his / her weaknesses;

-forge a friendly relationship with the receivers inside the classroom based on respect and seriousness;make the receiver feel at ease during classes;

-be a good communicator;

-avoid any kind of sarcasm or embarrassment;

-adopt a simple and progressive teaching approach;motivate the receiver (moral and material motivation);

-acquire a wide knowledge and experience.

The status of the educator in society reflects its true level of development, its position in the world, and its ability to face the future challenges.

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