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July 31, 2016
August 8, 2016

Idioms (1)


An idiom is an expression (phrase) that has got a special meaning different from that  of the words that form it (the meaning can’t be extracted from the meaning of the words separately).


Idioms are used in communication to refer to some special meanings that reflect the riches of the language and the culture where it has grown. They help the one avoid using a direct language and add some beautiful touch to one’s speech.

Note: Some idioms are common to many languages which proves the cross cultural exchange between human cultures.


   – His days are numbered. (English)

                               –  اصبحت ايامه معدودة (Arabic)

                               – Ses jours sont  comptés. (French)

How to learn them?

There is no magic recipe. They are acquired by continuous practice and research.


A) Idiom: At times

     Meaning: Sometimes

B) Idiom: For my money

     Meaning: In my opinion

C) Idiom: Keep the ball rolling.

     Meaning: Maintain the momentum of an activity




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