Idioms (1)
August 5, 2016
Idioms (2)
August 11, 2016


I never found the suitable pronoun to address your Majesty by!

How can I dare use one and no word can engulf my feelings of admiration and shyness

I do stand speechless and dazzled whenever I wonder at such a divine might and modesty

whose forgiveness always prevails

The inspiration of all human arts and ideas

whose limits surpass all kinds of imagination and realization

The owner of the material and immaterial

The master of my fate

Whose wisdom lets me choose and decide

Without the Almighty gifts I am sunk

My ignorance and ungratefulness disappear among the merciful treasures of knowledge

What an impressive generosity to look up to!

It’s really an immense pleasure and great honour to be a worshipper of your majesty

While my being doesn’t matter for many

It certainly matters to the Creator of all powers and worlds

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