November 9, 2022
The Gift Of Smiling
January 24, 2023

I am living for tomorrow

A middle aged man set off on some unusual journey looking for wisdom and teachings. He decided to wander in the rural area so that he could visit some abandoned villages and meet few distinguished people known for their wisdom and clairvoyance.

He led a kind of a five week pilgrimage walking during the day moving from place to place, in full meditation and contemplation, sleeping in nature at night, listening to the sound of earth and soliciting its warmth and blessing.

During the last week of his journey, he reached a cave that used to be the haven of a famous mystic. Though he didn’t fulfill his ambition to meet him, he found some handwriting on the entrance of the cave. It was a poem that said:

Whether you meet me or no, all what I can say settle in the heart of these lines:

I am living for tomorrow

I am living on hope

I am living for my vision that defies the height of mountains.

Every setback I encounter feeds the depth of my determination.

And awakens some hidden asset in my repertoire.

Whatever happens, I will never surrender.

And hope is always my shade.

The more the battle seems long and eternal, the more my weapons get sharper.

I crave pride that settles in the soul of eagles

To fly high in the sky of freedom and dreams.

My fight is to save my dignity and identity

And break the chain of my fears and cowardice.

The struggle of ants is my inspiration and the determination of waves is my light.

They all say never give in.

They all call for one meaning.

Whatever the past, I am looking for tomorrow

Whatever my present looks, I am yearning for tomorrow.

Enjoy and be proud of your struggle.

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