Had better
March 17, 2017
Can’t help
March 30, 2017

My mom

I can’t cross the river of your goodness

I can’t dive the depth of your emotions

Who dares defy your irresistible charm

Or even describe the beauty of your soul

A unique gift, a source of all gifts

All my vocabulary loses its eloquence in front of your highness

I see in your eyes the oceans of assurance

I feel in your heart the deepest treasures of warmth

Your voice, your tone, your words form the most beautiful symphony I have ever heard

An eternal symphony for the whole life

My knowledge feels shamful in front of your endless wisdom

How can I reward your worries and sleflessness?

The word sacrifice doesn’t engulf the meanings of your sacrifice

You are the only absolute human humane giver

Unluckily I have been the only taker

I have pretended to be a giver but I always found myself the only receiver

Your gratefulness always reveals my ungratefulness

I bow to your unforgettable confident smile

Bless you

The only person who can receive the status of MOM

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