Idioms (2)
August 11, 2016
لماذا رأي اليوم
قضية الرداءة وأبعاد تعميمها
September 3, 2016

My Inner Jail

I hate you from the bottom of my heart

For you settled my soul

You shaped my fate

towards grief and despair

You kept me in your jail

an eternal hopeless slave

in a gloomy cell of terror and anxiety

surrounded by your merciless jailers

A sudden breeze of hope defied your endless night

And the sun of my freedom rose

when I heard that inside cheerful voice

I rebelled against your lawless world

and broke your slavery chains

I am struggling till the end

I won’t surrender to your cruel ghost

Proud of my new status as a fighter

A master of my fate

A soldier of hope and pride

I will never bow to your hatred, greed, and selfishness

your spell to nowhere

My life has got a new meaning

A safe bridge to glory and joy

A vivacious meaning full of inspiration and zeal

and the sun will never set on its love

since the best days are ahead


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