November 30, 2017
December 6, 2017

Towards some effective awareness of our economic security

Each person has the ambition to satisfy his needs and strives to improve his standard of living. Logically this human ambition induces people and organizations to work hard and overcome the challenge of development in order to avoid any kind of dependence to the powerful. However, this aspiration seems to have turned into a frightening nightmare to our governments because of the complexity of its fulfillment.

The economic security looks like a complicated paradigm that engulfs a set of indissoluble axes. In fact, each community looks forward to assuring its own food self sufficiency and water security, sustaining a certain economic growth in order to create wealth and new job opportunities, and relying on its own local product instead of importing.

The transition from the idealistic to the realistic is usually paralysed by some impediments.

On a global level, we lack a long term vision and we don’t own our future because of the western capitalist domination and excessive dependence on the international organizations’ debts. Besides, our socio economic environment doesn’t provide a strong footing to economic security. We suffer from a horrible unequal distribution of wealth, monopoly, stagnation and corruption. Our public  administration is dominated by tribalism and opportunism and doesn’t play its vital role as a stimulus to economic mobility. On the contrary, our administaration presents a hefty burden to the State and stands for laziness and monotony. Such an environment can’t attract foreign investment , foster entrepreneurship, or create some effective multiplicity of the economic actors.

On a personal level, our psychology suffers from depression, defeatism and lack of confidence. We usually tend to earn a living from a stable job in the public sector rather than taking the risk of setting up a business. We are eager about earning the highest income by making the least effort. We even despise some jobs and criticize any personal initiative that may seem strange to our local culture. We, on the whole, remain guided by some traditional cultural considerations and stereotypes that still shape our way of thinking , limit our conception and creativity , and prevent us from being rational and sensible and initiating anything new.

Our national security depends on our awareness of the importance of our cutural, social and economic socurity. The ambition of assuring  our own economic security probably stands at the core of our national security.

We look forward to the day when we reach our economic security to feel free, shape our future, save our dignity, and impose our identity.

Published on the Maghreb times on 14 th September, 2018

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