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July 9, 2020
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August 5, 2020

A positive perception of the “highs and lows” of life

Everyone does one’s best to lead a successful life depending one’s convictions and views. Seemingly, our life stands as a short eventful journey full of ambitions, expectations, emotions, attempts, and mysteries. Time stays at the pivot on which all events depends. There is some unprecedented acceleration of events that make things look horrifying and threatening.

In fact, the basic human instincts, such as fear, ambition, and greed, induce everyone to move, react, and strive to improve oneself, enrich one’s repertoire, and fulfill one’s dreams. Each one looks forward to scaling the heights and reaching the zenith of satisfaction and achievements. However, the pursuit of our goals can lead to success, joy, and satisfaction as it can also lead to failure, sorrow, and disappointment. Therefore, each move is accompanied by risks and brings about some kind of emotion.

Life looks like an ocean that is adorned with charming colors, full of abundant treasures, and welcoming the human challenge to unveil its mysteries. This ocean presents the beauty of the unexpected and invites the brave to defeat the undefeatable. There is no choice, each sailor has to face the waves and invade the unknown to find the passage out of the dark and to reach the shore.
So everyone is expected to set off early, use one’s strengths efficiently, and follow one’s vision and faith to fulfill one’s goals.

Needless to say that success coexists with failure since the one defines the other. In truth, there are countless combinations, whose elements are indissoluble such as optimism / pessimism, hope / despair, happiness / sadness, enthusiasm / apathy, and knowledge / ignorance, relief / stress, and relaxation / tiredness.
We can’t live a steady life, with the same trend although it engulfs the best of what we wish. It turns to a killing and monotonous life. We unceasingly need to raise the bar of our aspirations and dreams to give our life a meaning. Change and diversity give life a special taste and scent.

Emotionally we pull away from the highs and lows of life and we gravitate to the easy life. We long for the ready with less effort and we abhor the hard and the unpleasant because when everything seems to thicken we feel unable to face what lies ahead and we think we run out of energy and patience and then hopelessness prevails.

But when we think deep and sensibly we do opt to change our view, to experience the highs and lows of the life we choose for ourselves in accordance with our insights and convictions. I can cite many considerations that strengthen the choice of this bitter path:

Learning (The University of Life)

When one goes through hard times, one gains some knowledge that is inaccessible at school, acquires experience about how to cope with difficulties, how to deal with people, how to focus on the positive side of each personal event, and subsequently how to turn each experience to a piece of wisdom.

Shape a strong personality

Since one is alive, one is discovering oneself to forge one’s own character. The one is invited to dive the oceans of one’s inside and strive to discover one’s repertoire, strengths and weaknesses. Indeed, inside each person there is the known and the unknown and only time along with experience unveil the truth.
Thus, we need time to know and define our goals, build our vision, overcome our weaknesses, solidify our strengths, and sharpen our skills.

Besides, experiencing the unpleasant and the unwelcome turns a defect to asset and instead of the occurrence of degradation and self destruction self improvement takes place. The one builds self confidence, fortifies persistence and stamina, acquires clairvoyance, and grows mature and wise.

Rebuild insights

Each experience, either success or failure, invites us to review our insights to stay open and flexible to change, develop our mindsets by receiving new ideas and fighting our illusions and certainties, and develop some effective critical thinking to rebuild new paradigms of thinking.
Redefine ambitions
Our battery of ambitions isn’t static. It is usually on charge. In fact, our ambitions are dynamic and moving in accordance with age, experience, and convictions. As time goes, we certainly tend to redefine our objectives, adjust them to our assets and circumstances, and even build a scale of priorities.

Acquire self-motivation

Our parents and siblings and close friends (who should be inspiring and optimistic) are supposed to do their best to motivate and embolden us in order to go further in our initiatives. But they aren’t always aware of their responsibility and willing to fulfill this noble and moral mission. Therefore, our motivation can’t always rely on them. We have to develop a certain self – education to acquire some inner motivation to be self-reliant and tenacious.
While struggling and facing waves of troubles, we try to keep determined and aggressive in order not to give in. As we are fighting the battle, we build our own self-motivation.
Self – motivation seems to be a question of survival.

Reset human relationships

Everyone is integrated inside a small community of friends and acquaintances because of the human need to socialize people and deal with them. Self – isolation looks unworkable. But there is a set of criteria that we follow in the choice of our friends especially the closest of them. Most of us insist on some qualities such as faithfulness, selflessness, and serious. And the pure character of any friend becomes apparent during tough periods.

To acquire some effective management

This process includes: stress management, time management, effort management, financial management, mood management, etc. The list is unlimited and functions as a paradigm of indissoluble elements. It stands at the core of our behavior improvement.

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