لماذا الإصرار على تكبيل منظومة الأمن القومي بالمقاربة الأمنية؟
May 26, 2021
إسهام طوابير المؤثرين في تعمق ظاهرة الانكماش الثقافي
August 27, 2021

The Big Day

“I am living for my everlasting ambition that has kept me alive. I will never give in. I am sure that sooner or later I will fulfill it and my life will change completely. My hope will bring me joy, vivacity and peace of mind,” said the 58 year man to himself while walking to his usual pub where he meets his friends and spends some vivacious two hour period there. Whenever he reaches the place he feels lusty and joyful. He has frequented the same place for 30 years and rarely misses his usual journey to the pub.

As he gets in, some knot of men greet him and he goes straight to the same seat he usually occupies. He is served at once without placing his order. He puts his spectacles on, takes a pen, and unfolds a newspaper he keeps in the pocket of his coat. He reads the newspaper carefully and doesn’t pay attention to what is happening around him. He jots down something on the newspaper.

Some minutes goes by and another man, apparently of his age, appears and takes a seat beside him. He said:
‘How are you doing?”

“Not bad,” the first man answers shortly.

“Any news?”

“As usual, nothing special.”

“And when will fate smile to us?”

“No smile until now, just some grimace!”

“But its smile will be broad, won’t it?”

“That’s why we should stay patient and persistent.”

“Without doubt. Life doesn’t reward those who give in quickly. Life is rebellious and we shouldn’t get pessimistic about its swings.”

“Ah day after day you grow wise, don’t you?”

“My wife doesn’t agree on this point. She always says I am getting mad and silly.”

“You know women well, you ought to deduce the opposite meaning from her speech.”

The two men laughed so loudly that most people in the pub turned to cast a look. Then they quickly regain their serious tone and go on talking.

“Number 8 doesn’t appear these days and it disappoints me because I usually count on it.”

“The same thing happens to me with number 7 from time to time.”

“Whenever I see myself close to the Big Day, a small number deceives me!”

“How can you trust numbers. No friendship with them.”

“Anyway, The Big Day is undoubtedly coming, just make your plans.”

“They are already made, but ….”

The same meeting takes place in the same pub with the same worries and ambitions and time goes by.

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