March 9, 2018
A traffic violation
March 21, 2018


There is a big cage hung inside a balcony of a large flat on the seaside. The cage is so attractive that it catches the attention of the guests who frequently visit the place. The balcony is the favourite place for the flat owner to write poems and novels. He usually raises the questions of freedom, dignity, tolerance and culture and his works are highly acknowledged. He is one of the best sellers in his country and he is even a visiting lecturer for many international universities. This writer stands as an icon for human rights and moral virtues.

However, inside the cage there is a charming bird so attractive by its catchy colours and beautiful voice. It keeps moving in the cage but doesn’t fly and its beautiful wings aren’t useful anymore in the cage’s borders. The bird sings for the rejection of sorrow and life imprisonment and keeps focused on the day it may hold the limitless horizon. It doesn’t need a luxurious home and expensive grains gotten without effort. It looks forward to a simple warm nest and dignified earning living.

From the bottom of the bird’s suffering, the writer gets his inspiration to produce his works that touch the feelings of his readers.

The criminal calls for strict sentence against a crime he hasn’t ceased to commit.

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