February 16, 2018
February 22, 2018

Deadly ambitions

A man lives in a modest house with his faithful wife who does her best to make him happy. He earns a decent income that helps him satisfy his basic needs. They have got a cute little daughter and they live a simple but tranquil life.

Our man is so ambitious that he has tried many times to change his job and looked for additional activities to improve his income and the standards of living of his small family.

He does believe in the golden opportunity that will bring about a leap for the family. However, his wife doesn’t seem too ambitious and pushy as he does.

The man meets a rich widow who makes him an interesting work offer to benefit from his experience and enthusiasm. He can’t decline such an irresistible opportunity he has been waiting for ages.

Their relationship develops from business to marriage and he finds himself sunk in business and strives hard to help his second wife enrich her fortune. The train of affairs and money makes him neglect his first wife and daughter at the point that his presence turns to few weekly visits. Nothing will cross his path to glory and prosperity. He keeps sending them a sum of money as his major form of assuming responsibility. He has surely gone astray.

Some unexpected argument takes place with his rich proud wife whose social and economic status is completely higher than his. She simply reminds him of his function as an employee at home and at work. They get divorced and his train stops at this station. He decides to come back to his first home but he finds no one.

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