CONFUSING WORDS (sensitive & sensible)
March 28, 2018
April 5, 2018


He is my best friend and I look up to him for his impressive reservoir of morals and courteous manners. He works as a doctor and he is the very representative of this noble job. His special personality makes him distinguished and bright. He does his best to help his patients whom he cherishes a lot. He even volunteers some of his free time to look after them.

However, a tragic event might stop the course of this ideal life.

While he was driving home after a long day at work, a little young girl tried, in a sudden moment, to cross a small road without paying attention to the traffic. He did his best to avoid hurting the girl but he hit an old woman who was sitting on the pavement of the garden beside the road. In truth, there was no pavement just a minute line that separated the garden from the road. Unluckily the old woman passed away and our friend went straight to the police. He was lost under the shock of what had happened. His mind couldn’t apprehend the horrid accident that took a life of an innocent woman.

He had spent three days in custody by the time he was declared innocent and free.

He spent three months in hell, feeling guilty and unable to resume his professional life. He always said: I saved many lives but I killed an innocent life. He even considered a suicide to flee his harsh suffering.

In fact, from time to time one needs to feel some divine providence that strengthens one’s faith and certainty during crises. An unexpected visit would save the life of a person who had saved many lives and whose heart was filled with despair and torment. The deceased’s daughter paid him a visit at home and showed an incomparable sympathy towards the person who was behind her mother’s sudden death. She said: “we all know the humane person you are, and how good is your behaviour. Your reputation among your neighbours, acquaintances, and patients is so clean that no one can have some doubt about your goodwill. Sure we lost our mother but we aren’t ready to lose a second innocent life”. Such golden words awakened his faith and self- confidence and made him recover his determination.

He came back to his patients and he works with more energy and vivacity defying the dark side of the tragic event. He is also leading a successful family life with his three children and faithful wife.

The humane side of the human beings always prevails. Doing good, undoubtedly, pays off.

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