من دروس الاتفاق الأوروبي حول خطة دعم النهوض الاقتصادي
August 5, 2020
تجربة غار حراء كيف نفهمها؟
September 9, 2020

The Real Wealth

A wealthy man was dying on his bed and surrounded by his three grown up boys and his elderly wife.

The old man was known to be wise and successful. He had been a self made person who made a fortune thanks to his industry and patience.

He said in a weak voice,
‘My dear boys,
As you see, I am leaving. I had given you the best of education by the time every one of you chose his own path.
Follow your vision and work hard. Life rewards the hardworking, the active, the ambitious, and the faithful to good values. Money doesn’t create wealth. The richest one is the one who builds a creative mind and purifies one’s soul.’

After three days the father died and was buried in his final dwelling on the earth.

Each one of his three boys received his share of inheritance and led his own business. They were pleased to use the money and set up their own businesses following their views. They had often criticized their father for his old way of thinking and strict behaviour at work. They had frequently thought that he had prevented them from enjoying life as they should have. Therefore, their behaviour was rebellious to their father’s way of living.

After Two years, one of them was declared bankrupt. The second one was sunk in debts, and the third one was suffering a lot to keep his business going. They found no one to rescue them. They found themselves lost and the temporary joy turned to grief and misery. Their professional failure polluted the beauty of life at home and their wives became sick of their complaints.

Their mother, who was living on her share from their father’s inheritance, called for a meeting and they were responsive. She said, ‘You did follow your convictions and your so called modern ideas and you failed. You did what you had wished to do. You were free and independent. You have to do something to sort out the situation. You have to come up with some solutions. Keep the hard work and you will overcome this harsh period. Don’t get pessimistic.’

The three men left their mother’s home with dissatisfaction and regret. They had expected her financial support but they had been wrong. They said, ‘Apparently our mother let us down and gave us only advice.’

They were forced to strive and earn their living. They quickly left their luxurious life and fell to the ordinary. Now they were fighting to sustain a decent life and not fall to poverty stricken.

Time elapsed quickly and things hardened more and more. They got aware of the lows and highs of life and they longed for the old days when their father had been the master and they wished they had followed his teachings.

While gathering to celebrate some feast, their mother invited them for a talk in private. They looked ashamed and obedient. They were all ears.

‘I am sure now you got aware of how great your father was. How his ideas were successful! Ideas don’t die, they grow mature and lively, but they need a soul to get adjusted to the evolution of life. You lost your money but you learned many priceless things. You must have rethought your ways and convictions. Therefore, as a mother I am going to provide you with some help by giving you the share I received from the inheritance. Will you be rebellious to your own mistakes and weaknesses? Time will tell.’

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