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September 10, 2019
The Nagging Wife
September 23, 2019

The Best Race

Two mice were looking for something to eat in a garage where the owner put some old luggage and useless furniture.

The first mouse said to the second: the air here is so stale. Apparently they don’t clean this place at all and we won’t find something good and clean to eat”

The second one replied: “They accuse our race of being dirty while they are sunk in its darkness. The stink of this place is unbearable. We should have reached the kitchen instead.”

They continue scampering and squeaking and they stop in front of two boxes full of books. The first one smelt them for seconds and was going to start biting when the second one stopped him. “Don’t do it”

The first one answered surprisingly: “why?”

“They are books, treasures full of knowledge. It is a shame to ruin them. Their curse will follow us the whole of our life.”

“But this family threw them and despised their usefulness.”

“We can’t do the same thing. Maybe if we were human, we would be educated and worship knowledge and our status would be better”

“But we are mice and we have to find something to eat to survive, that’s all”

“Yes, but there are morals we should abide by. We aren’t like this family. Their dirty garage reflects their real way of living. I completely look down on them”

“We visited many houses and discovered many things I feel ashamed of disclosing.”

“At least we see things and we don’t reveal them to the public and we don’t look after scandals”.

“What is funny is that the human being consider themselves the best race on the earth”

“They are arrogant and ignorant despite their technological achievement”

“And their greed will destroy the whole planet”.

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