ما وراء الحرب التجارية بين الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية والصين
September 2, 2019
Be under control & Be beyond control
September 4, 2019

The Terrorist 2

Zac followed his daily schedule as usual and without any noticeable change. He received the necessary instructions to keep calm and not dare do anything outside the rules.

After a week, he had a meeting with Mr Jacob in the organization and congratulated him on his performance during the mission.
“We are so proud of you and your interesting contribution. We can rely on you on a high level in the future.”

Zac received these motivating words with pride. He grew more self confident and his own self esteem grew stronger. He had been looking for this moral motivation and he found the people who assessed his talents well. The future seemed to be brighter now and the perspectives are highly open.

Mr Jacob went on: ” the operation was a great success and our domination will take place soon. We are on the right path and we are here to serve humanity and save it from misguidance and anarchy and we are honoured to accomplish this mission.”

“I am eager about doing more special things”, Zac said enthusiastically.

“You will. Everything happens at the suitable moment that’s why we must receive instructions and obey. We don’t have to think because there are people who do this for us. They are our minds and they take consideration of whatever detail might occur to your mind. They assure our security and they share with us the same sacrifice. One day you will get promoted to that high level of responsibility.”

Zac nodded his head and his admiration to Mr Jacob grew stronger. He was going to say something but hesitated.

Mr Jacob noticed that smartly and invited. him to talk.
Zac: “I still feel something strange like sympathy for those two teenagers who died during the operation. I don’t know how to explain it”

Mr Jacob stared sharply at Zac but changed quickly his look to a soft one and said: “They were proud of the mission they were selected for and don’t forget that there are many who wish to be honoured to lead such glorious mission. They are martyrs who will receive their true reward in the second eternal life. Everyone should sacrifice something for the good of the whole humanity and their sacrifice was the best and ideal one.”

Mr Jacob handed an envelope to Zac and said: “this is a sum of money as a modest reward to your great efforts. Don’t put this money in your bank account. Try to enjoy yourself well and do things that people at your age are supposed to be doing. See you next week.”

Zac took it shyly and stood up to leave.

Zac decided to spend the evening with his colleague at work Karl. He invited him for dinner in a high class restaurant.
“I am so lucky to be your guest this evening” Karl said.
“The honour is mine Sir!”, Zac replied.
“The second job is paying off I guess!”
“Don’t be silly. I can’t deny that it is helping me a lot to satisfy my needs and alleviate my financial pressure.”
“By the way how did you find the people in that organization?”
“Ordinary people like all colleagues at work. I do my job and I get my financial reward and nothing more. I don’t care about anything else”
“That sounds good and I am happy that your state is getting better”
“Thanks to your help my dear. It was you who found this job opportunity for me, and I will always stay grateful to you.”
“What are your plans for the coming of years? Marriage for example?”
Zac smiled and said:”who knows? Everything is possible!”

“I can help you to find a good wife”

“Not at that point. I can rely on myself.”

The police led an investigation but as expected they reached the same result: a terrorist act directed by some unknown group. They also discovered that the two teenagers belong to two broken homes and because of the harsh conditions they were going through they were chosen carefully for the mission.

The media coverage of the tragedy turned to an ordinary discussion about some social issues such as: violence, fear, security, social and racial discrimination. The same vicious circle imposed itself as usual.

Two years later, everything in Zac’s life was ordinary and he remained obedient to the instructions he received. Something new happened and might have some impact on his personal life. He got acquainted to a new colleague in the company he worked for. He was attracted to her by her vivacious character. She looked different from all women in the world. She is charming, open minded, cultivated and helpful. The fact of talking to her led him to new horizons and made him love life though she sometimes shook his convictions and certainties. In truth, he tried to restrict his conversations and dealing with her in simple greetings and formal professional language but he couldn’t, he fell in love and love has its own kingdom and authority. In the kingdom of love, you are both master and slave.

Zac saw the encounter with Jasmine as the second turning point in his life after his first encounter with Mr Jacob.
He decided to invite her for lunch and she accepted his invitation. She chose a beautiful restaurant on the river where they can gratify themselves with its beautiful view.
After some chit-chat, Zac asked Jasmine this question:
“How did you build such a wide knowledge and magnetic personality”
” I love reading and especially philosophy and poetry. I also adore painting”
“How about you?”
” I am not an avid reader because I have a tight schedule”
“You just try to find some excuse. You have a problem of time management like many people”
“Maybe yes but I don’t think that philosophy is a good choice. It is just nonsense and waste of time…!”
“How can you dare say such a shallow opinion? Philosophy is a style of life. It’s life itself. I will make you change your mind and I bet you will love it.”
“I don’t think so!”
” Ok. You know that you have a beautiful character and your personality is amazing but you need more self-confidence and style. You should develop your own style and you can’t do that without knowledge.”

He kept focused on every word she was saying and he felt delighted by her beautiful words”
He seized the opportunity and defied his fast heartbeat and said: ” Jasmine! I love you and it happened at first sight and I will be the happiest man on earth if you accept to get married to me.”

Now he felt relieved as though he had gotten rid of some unbearable heavy burden and was too eager to know her immediate reaction.

She smiled and said: ” zac! It is too fast to talk about marriage now. You don’t know me well and I know you just at work as a colleague. We need time to know each other well and see how things will develop”

Zac trusted Karl and told him everything except his secret missions for the organization. Unfortunately and without Zac’s knowing, Karl was a secret agent and spying for the same organization Zac worked for.

By all means, Zac’s love story reached Mr Jacob and brought about some worry for his brainwashing plan. Therefore, he asked the Karl to be more vigilant and close to Zac.

“That girl will spoil our man. He isn’t aware of what he is doing and love makes people do silly things and eliminate their mind. He might tell her everything that’s why we must hurry and save him from the danger, but we should do it wisely. First in a soft way, then if things don’t go as we wish we will be more aggressive until we control the situation. Did you get it?”
“Sure. Don’t worry Sir!”
“I know I can rely on you and I hold you responsible for any Zac’s misbehaviour ”
“Yes Sir”

Two months later, Zac grow more attached to Jasmine and they frequently met at the same restaurant. He was looking forward to the day she would accept him as a husband.

“I sometimes find you pessimistic and you are under the control of some negative thoughts. You must dismiss them. Life is so beautiful. It is a gift to enjoy and to protect.”

” Don’t you think that what you said is just utopia and life is full of suffering and injustice and endless worries”

“True, but suffering gives our life a meaning, gives it a taste and we don’t have to give in. We are here to struggle to fulfil our dreams”

“So why do some people choose to commit suicide?”

“They are weak my dear. They choose the easiest and shameful path: escape to face the truth, the bitterness of many things. It’s a sort of cowardice.”

“These people are sometimes very young! They can’t stand the horrible face of life”

“Maybe true ,but usually they are victims of some group of monsters that use them to fulfill some political goals. When I wake up every morning I thank the Lord for the gift He gave me, for the opportunity to seize, to transform myself to a better one, to do my part of helping people and doing good things no matter how small they are. If I choose to commit suicide I choose darkness that will make people lives darker.”

These words went straight to his heart and made his humane emotions vivid, they reached his conscience too.

Mr Jacob invited Zac for a urgent meeting in his office and Zac was there on time as usual. He was received by the same cheerful face and deep eyes contact.

After having some ordinary discussion, Mr Jacob looked stern and more serious as though he was going to say something alarming. Zac was listening carefully to him.

I was briefed about your serious relationship with one of your colleagues at work, and I was told that you are planning to get engaged soon. I want to hear from you Zac!. Go ahead!”

Zac tried to collect himself and find the suitable words to use, then he said in brief:
” Yes Sir, all that is true.”

” Why didn’t you tell me about your romance story?”

“I thought it is personal.”

“Nothing is personal Zac. Every detail in your life matters for us. You are important for us and your security is a priority.”

“Thank you Sir. I know that.”

“Ok, good. To go straight to the heart of the matter, you break up with that girl and if you want to get married, we will choose the suitable one for you, and we will be in charge of everything.”

” I do appreciate that Sir, but I can’t Sir. I love her and she loves me too”, answered Zac looking down at the floor.

Mr Jacob was growing angry as Zac was talking and started to lose control of his reactions. He sensed the risk of losing his own product, his student and his disciple.
He tried to look calm and said:

” Zac you were a victim. You were suffering of injustice and we give you the opportunity to practice your desire for revenge, to
distinguish yourself as a hero.
Without us you are in disorientation, we have given you guidance and you are showing ungratefulness, you are ruining yourself by being rebellious Zac. Be rational and let us help you gain your recovery again. Such things happen but we quickly regain control of our real will and vision”

Zac understood every word uttered by Mr Jacob ,but this time in their correct logical meaning. Now Zac saw his idol as a cruel devil. He sensed the soul of the evil that dwelt in his inside.

This time another turning point would take place in his life. He had to take the tough decision: to put aside his romantic adventure or to fight the monster though the battle was known to be lost from the beginning.

For sure Zac declined the offer of Mr Jacob and was determined to correct his past mistakes and change the path to follow in his life. He couldn’t ask forgiveness from the innocent who died but he can do something for those who are alive. He opted to be tactful and smart with Mr Jacob and show him full obedience but not do anything that would harm other innocent people.

In fact, Mr Jacob was cunning and expected the attempts of Zac that’s why he decided to get rid of him and bury any likely problem that would arise. He decided to appoint Zac to lead himself a suicide attack and get two goals at the same time: accomplish a terrorist operation and kill Zac.

He informed Zac about the operation and Zac knew well that he had no choice. He couldn’t say no, otherwise his beloved mother and Jasmine would pay the price.
He accepted to, apparently, lead the operation and follow the instructions and try to trap the devil.

The date and the place were fixed and he was ready to obey Mr Jacob.

In the train station, Zac was sitting in the waiting hall. Looking around and waiting the order to explode the explosive belt he was wearing. He would receive the order by SMS and step into the queue where people picked up their tickets.

At 9.45, he received this SMS: “Now Hero, this is your eternal glory moment! Go ahead”

Zac stood up and started walking but instead of aiming the queue he changed his direction to the three policemen who were standing beside one of the doors there. He was going to present himself and ask them to keep him under arrestation and disclose the secret operation to the police and save many innocents. He was going to be the real meaning of a hero. He was going to be the son his mother would be proud of, the man Jasmine was honoured to share her life with.

As he came nearer to the policemen, he was surprised by a young woman who called his name and threw her body on him. He was surprised by her hug and grasped her intention ,but too late. She was an agent of the terrorist group and was so close to him, watching his acts, appointed to eliminate him in case of hesitation and accomplish the terrorist attack. She blew herself up and Zac was her target.

Zac died and did his best to save innocent people, but terrorism continues as the suitable ingredients and incentives are always available.
Zac died and terrorism is still alive …

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