Love Never Dies
July 29, 2019
يحدث في البرازيل
August 15, 2019

A truce

There was a meeting of reconciliation between my conscious mind and its eternal rival my subconscious mind trying to put an end to their eternal conflict about control and domination on human being behaviour.

My conscious mind started the conversation by: “Most people think that I am the principal responsible of their behaviour and they don’t even mention your hidden influence”

My subconscious mind replied: “We share the responsibility my dear. At any rate, you work when one is awake and I work when one is asleep. Each one of us has the fair period to settle his rules and practice his supremacy. I don’t see where is the problem?”

My conscious mind said: “My influence is so apparent that people complain about it and try to get rid of it forever while yours is invisible and rare those who are aware of it.”

My subconscious mind: “It is your choice from the beginning. You opted to fame and you love the lights to be spot on your work. On the contrary, I love silence and flee mass media and rumours.”

My conscious mind: “It’s not true. Besides, your work is assessed and appreciated by the academic and the intellect while mine is discussed by ordinary people who know nothing and talk a lot”

My subconscious mind: “so what do you suggest?”

My conscious mind: “The war seems to be endless and tiring for both of us.”

My subconscious mind: “We can be complementary”

My conscious mind interrupted my subconscious mind and said angrily: “They say that but we aren’t, and we can never be so!”

My subconscious mind came up with an idea: “why not be away from the person for one week, a kind of truce,
and let him regain his freedom and be able to choose between us?”

My conscious mind: “what a clever solution! Unfortunately, one will be dominated by a third invader who will take advantage of our retreat and get control of him since he is always in search of something to lead him. The human mind can never be free”

My subconscious mind: “You are right! What a confusing dilemma! then we have no choice, the war will stay open and I hope fair play will prevail”.

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