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April 22, 2019
Expressions to avoid in communication (2) ‘Shut up’
April 26, 2019

The Terrorist

Zak was sitting at his desk doing his usual job. His posture showed no devotion or motivation, just an ordinary civil servant doing his daily task to earn his living and kill time. His face seemed to be stern and pale. It reflected the tiredness from an endless struggle of many years. He was thirty-five but the features of his face suggested an advanced age.

Someone knocked on the door and opened it. One of his colleagues whose name is Karl was looking for a daily chitchat.

“Morning Zak, how are you doing”, he asked him.

“I am ok, how about you?”, Zak answered.

“pretty well”, the visitor replied. “you still don’t want to join our enjoyment club?”, he went on.

“You know well my answer and I always said thank you for the invitation”, Zak explained in a quiet tone.

“You are stubborn, man and your hyper serious is leading you to grave at an early age. Live your life, enjoy the moment, and life will smile at you.”

“I am not ready to repeat the same story Karl. Help me to find a way to get another income and life will disclose its treasures”, Zak reminded his colleague.

“I am doing my best to respond to your desire, just give me more time”


Zak was born in the suburbs of a big city and received an old fashioned upbringing. His father was the cornerstone of the family because he was sole the breadwinner, the decision maker, the educator, and the pearch. Every detail depended on his mood. His mood swings shape the mood of the whole family. The mother was the source of warmth and love but she remained under the mercy of the father.

Zak was outstanding at school despite the poor conditions he lived in. He was a quick learner and praised for his self discipline and assiduity. He never showed any rebellious behaviour. He developed a typical mindset but with no critical thinking or independent convictions.

However, his ambitions collapsed and self motivation wore off. He found himself lost in the merciless and fierce battlefield of capitalism. The cost of living was extremely high and the social gap between classes became imaginary and unbearable. There was a weak chance for a hardworking and ambitious person to cross the bridge from poverty stricken to the middle class and to the lucky upper class and the passage seemed an unthinkable and utopian journey.

Zak used to think a lot about the suitable path to follow but whenever he started he found himself lost inside a vicious circle of scenarios. Thus, he gave in and lost faith in his ability to make the difference.

Zak was still single because he couldn’t afford the way of living he wished for a family. He didn’t want his children to go through the same circumstances as his.

He was working as an analyst programmer in the public sector and suffering from both his financial troubles and social discrimination. The word misery was enough to describe his whole life.

“Hello! I have some good news for you.”
Karl said as he came in.

“Welcome. Don’t waste time and go ahead”, Zak replied.
“I found you a job to do in your free time”
“It sounds amazing. Where?”
“There is a non profit organization that needs a programmer to work as a freelancer.”
“Yes, what else?”
“I set an appointment with the Director. He will be waiting for you tomorrow at 6pm and you will get all the information you want to know”
“Great, at least you prove to me that you can do something good” said Zak jokingly.
“You always underestimate my talent and you take me for a petty man.”

Zac was introduced to the NGO’s director and took a seat in front of him. The director looked cheerful and dynamic. He didn’t delay to go straight to the main purpose for the meeting. He said:
“Your friend Karl suggested your name and told me many good things about you. In fact, your profile fits well the profile we are looking for and there are many positive common things between our interests. You are looking for an additional income and we need your expertise to carry out our projects. You will work for us in your free time as a freelancer and you will be rewarded following the accomplishment of each project. Do you have any question Mr Zak?”

“All what you said is clear and satisfying. I am ready to start as soon as it is possible.” Zak replied in a soft and low tone.

“Perfect. What makes a difference in our job is the privacy of our work and the confidentiality of the information we deal with. You will collaborate with many colleagues and you won’t meet them all. There are even some whom you will never talk to face to face.” the director added. “I know you are a reserved person and secretive and this encouraged us to choose you”, the director explained. “by the way call me Jacob instead of Mr the director.” he ended the conversation and asked Zak to come back the day after their meeting to receive further information from other members in the organization.

Zac spent a training of three weeks with the NGOs organization. He was trained by two members in the evenings to grasp well the philosophy of the organization and assimilate its environment. He showed a keen interest and motivation to succeed his mission. He even received a financial incentive from his new employer to attract him more to work for their cause.

“Our mission is purely noble and humane. We try to fill a gap left by politicians. We fight for the respect of peace and human values. We see the threat that ordinary people can’t see. We predict the disaster before it takes place. We sensitize the officials, we advise them and we even offer solutions, but sometimes we make our voice heard by imposing it. We are on the right path and we act and we decide for the impoverished, the helpless, the vulnerable, and the weak. We sacrifice ourselves for them, for the common good and for the best of values. We despise selfishness, individuality and greed and we work as one person whose mission is cleansing the community soul from its vices and awaking the human conscience. Zak, by doing this job, you are doing a honorable task to help all people. You must be proud of yourself. You have the necessary potential to do many great things, you need to develop your assets, self-confidence, drive and deepen your vision.” Jacob behaving as a lecturer who is giving a lecture to his students.
He went on: ”Mr Zak you seem to be lost and underestimated by society. We are well aware of that, and we will guide your ambitions and help you shape a bright and glorious future.”

Zak was touched by what he had heard and his eyes shone of ambition and lust for new perspectives. He listened carefully to each word produced by Mr Jacob and grew enthusiastic. In fact, these words renewed his keenness and refreshed his vivacity and hope.

Zak thought he was thrown by his society, by the injustice that reigned everywhere, by the mismanagement of the rulers and the feeling of refusal inside him had dramatically developed to hatred. Now the golden opportunity was present and he wouldn’t miss it.

Zak made huge efforts to impress his employer and gain his trust. He became attracted to his wide knowledge that he qualified as wisdom, to his eloquence and courtesy, and the way he usually proved while tackling problems. Zac also asked his opinion about his personal matters and abided by his pieces of advice. Indeed, he was under the effect of his magnetic personality and considered him as his idol.

After two years of work, Zak noticed something strange and asked Mr Jacob for clarification.
“While treating some data, I noticed Sir that some figures are too confidential to release or reveal and they focus on the military and security matters. In fact, I felt an overwhelming feeling of fear and worry.”

Jacob was listening seriously as usual and said: “First the data is confidential as you said and shouldn’t be gotten between the hands of another person. This has one meaning: we trust you and you have to show the same thing towards us.”

Zak: ”but this is illegal”

Jacob: ”who qualified it as illegal?”

Zak: ”law”

Jacob: ”and who makes law?”

Zak: “parliament, government, people we elect”

Jacob: ”Apparently yes, but at heart there are some lobbies who make rules, they direct everything and monopolize wealth and authorities. They use institutions to serve their devil interests. They turn what is illegal to legal. We are aware of that and we play with them as they do with the people. We can’t be victims and we refuse to be their scapegoat”

Zak can’t define his feeling at that moment, he was lost between admiration and astonishment. As usual, his reaction tended to object what he received from Jacob but quickly accepted it and believed in its content. He turned to his faithful disciple. What Jacob stated was now certainties that couldn’t be refuted. Jacob came up with ideas and Zak carried out what he was asked to do. There was a complete obedience to the hierarchy. Zak wasn’t now ready to ask questions as he had been and seemed to have found his creed and refuge.

His freelance activity intensified at the point that he decided to quit his basic job.
“You shouldn’t do it Zak. Your job there covers your activity here and saves you from troubles.” Jacob replied when Zak revealed his intention. Jacob went on: “especially in the coming of days because our schedule will be tight and effective”.

“Ok Sir, pleased to hear this”, Zak said delightedly.
“Our team will target a sensitive area in the city and cause a serious damage to the government and its allies from foreign countries and your contribution will be decisive Zak.” Jacob explained.

“What is the target Sir?”, Zak enquired curiously.

“I let you know at the suitable moment because I ignore everything now. When I receive the instruction, I will brief you.”, Jacob ended the conversation.

After one week, Zak was invited for a meeting with three people. There were Jacob and two young teenagers: a boy and a girl. The meeting took place in a restaurant that wasn’t affordable for all social classes. Seemingly they met there for dinner and Zak noticed that Jacob was wearing some weird kind of clothes that changed his whole character and looking.
Jacob smiled to Zak and said: “ we don’t have to attract attention to us and we should spread a false and petty image about us. We are here for fun and just fun.”

He stared at the young couple and said: ”this is Rhino, one of our loyal soldiers, and this is Lilly, a brave girl who will astonish you by her courage and brilliance. They were honoured by being chosen to carry out the operation in the coming three days. Our group trusts them and gave them the privilege to be our actors in the field. This is Mike our coordinator, he will be behind you and you will receive the last instructions from him.”
Zak said nothing and couldn’t understand why Jacob didn’t disclose his real name, but quickly said to himself that was for security considerations. Then they discussed some details and changed their discussion to unimportant matters to divert the attention of people there.

“Zak, the moment has come and our operation will take place tomorrow. You will assure the follow up from your office at work to avoid any doubt. You will receive instructions by e-mail and you send them to the couple at once. The e-mail will include keywords typical to our group language.”, Jacob explained while Zak was listening carefully.

“don’t do anything until you receive instructions. Don’t initiate. Don’t even try to think of something. You are to carry out what you are told to do.” Jacob added in a strict tone.

“don’t worry Sir. I am at your command”, Zak replied.

Zak was sitting at his desk. His face looked worried and exhausted, because of lack of enough sleep. Overthinking usually causes insomnia. The instructions of Jacob were so heavy to bear and he couldn’t escape their sharp effect. He tried to complete the office job quickly in order to free himself and concentrate on his exceptional mission.

In the next office there was his colleague Karl talking on the phone in a serious and cautious tone.
“Yes. He came early and didn’t leave his office. He is sunk in his work now and seems more determined and serious. If I notice any strange behaviour, I will inform you Mr Jacob”

“We are ready to react to any possibility that might occur, and everything is under control. We never lost our game. Keep being vigilant Mr Karl and contact me if you notice any minute detail”, Mr Jacob insisted.

Karl put his mobile in his pocket and left his office and went to pay a quick visit to Zak.

“You seem to be thoughtful and worried Zak, what is going on?” Karl asked.

“no, no just tired because it has been a long time that I didn’t take some rest”, Zak answered.

“And why don’t you apply for a two week holiday?”

“Not at the moment. I will take it in August”

“I see. You are looking forward to the sun and the beach”, said Karl bearing a wicked smile full of guile.


“How about having some coffee?”

“I am afraid. I am taken by a huge load of work”

“Ok, good luck then”

“Thank you”

Karl left the office and Zak produced a deep sigh that reflected his psychological state. He directed his attention to his computer and checked his email box.

The mall was packed with people and a vivacious mobility reigned. Lilly and Rhino were walking hand in hand and giving the impression of a lovely couple of dreamers unaware of life hardship and unready to disturb themselves and wake up from their dream.

“They are poor. They lie to themselves. They pretend happiness and enjoyment but they are living in hell. Their minds were spoilt by media and what they received at school. That’s why we will help them to relax and find peace they are looking for. If they knew the truth, they would thank us for the mission we are going to accomplish for them.” Lilly went further.

Each one of them was carrying a backpack and using headphones. Seemingly moving their heads as a logical response to some exciting pop music. They were wearing tight jeans and short jackets as most of teenagers do. Both of them were carrying some explosive belts and ready to explode the place as soon as they received the order.

In the mall there were children running joyfully, others laughing, and others crying.
There was a look of brightness and hope in their eyes. Enjoying the moment under the protection of their parents. The sun outside was going low, welcoming the coming of darkness.

Sitting at his desk, Zak received an email.

“the sunset will be charming this evening. Try to meet at our usual place to witness its splendid beauty Darling. I love you”

The sender was no one else but Jacob who was used to communicating with him on the net by using a female identity”

Zak switched off his computer, put his suit on and left his office confidently, looking forward to new challenges…


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