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April 4, 2019
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April 4, 2019

Reading as a protection key for our national security

We usually tend to see reading as a secondary activity for leisure. We restrict its benefit in brushing up vocabulary, developing our verbal and written communication, and enlarging the horizon of our imagination along with intelligence.
Following this view, reading impacts basically the cognitive and communicative sides of the reader and no one can deny or refute this approach, but it can be more profound and effective.

To reach this goal, we should wonder about these two simple but meaningful questions?

Is reading a simple and spontaneous choice? Can it be classified among luxury activities?

Following some deep reflection about these questions, we can find out that reading is a question of survival and stands at the core of our national security.

In fact, when we take enough time to wonder about the meaning of the concept “reading”, it appears that it engulfs numerous complex meanings and dimensions and invites our contemplation, imagination, creativity, interpretation and concentration to work systematically and simultaneously in order to shape a certain insight.
Indeed, this work induces the interaction of senses and brain and requires more energy and persistence, but it certainly paves the way to further perspectives.
Reading looks like that kind of love that usually pays off because there is a win-win situation between reading and readers.

In truth, reading helps to discover many worlds, keep abreast of any developments, shape a self made personality, enlighten the reader’s mind, develop some critical thinking, gain wisdom, think positive, solve problems and control instincts.
Besides , reading promotes the best of values such as work, faithfulness, self – discipline, patience, resilience, and sacrifice.

From a psychological point of view, reading provides a typical therapy to the reader and helps to build some healthy psychological balance by controlling instincts and resisting the killing lure of vices, standing up to fears and uneasiness and being aware of the threats that target the country and its identity. Therefore, a reader can rarely present a scapegoat for crime, violence and terrorism, on the contrary one will assume the function of the community immune system.

Moreover, when reading becomes a way of living, there will be a tendency to close prisons, reduce crime, open new universities and libraries, and build a strong family and modern civil society where people tend to produce and create.

From reading emanates the cultural, social, political and economic revolutions and sustainable development finds its natural footing.

We need to metamorphose our perception of the concept “reading” into a realistic and ambitious vision that deals with reading as the cornerstone of forging an unconquerable social fabric in the face of internal and external evasions and conspiracies.

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