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April 4, 2019
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April 4, 2019

Morocco must rethink its approach to ensuring social stability

Whenever we hear the word “security,” we generally think of some external threat that could threaten the stability of our community. This threat can take the form of terrorism, colonialism, embargo, or even a set of sanctions imposed by international organizations.

Our social security is at the core of our national security, and Morocco’s social fabric remains the target of many destructive threats that emanate from its own internal components. However, no external threat can intrude into our national security if the social fabric is strong and invincible. Social insecurity usually paves the way to external invasion.

The fiasco of our educational system has brought about disastrous outcomes.

The government has not succeeded in carried out effective and rational governance concerning our human resources and therefore has failed to cultivate a practical sense of citizenship among the public.

The failure of school system has led to poverty, moral bankruptcy, a deepening gap between the political practice and the common good, a passive citizenry who don’t even keep abreast of what is happening inside their community, a decline of trust in government, and an easy invasion of capitalism and tyrannical human instincts like selfishness, individualism, and greed.

These painful facts explain the growing rates of crime, vagrancy, illiteracy, and ignorance and the expansion of nepotism and social injustice.

Meanwhile, the mass media has defied all moral considerations and imposed mediocrity through the principles they spread and people they present as idols to their audiences.

The language employed by the mass media has impeded the acquirement of critical thinking, imposed ignorance and confusion as reality, and spoiled our high and healthy taste. The economic always prevails over the cultural.

In such circumstances, how can we feel secure inside a community that is full of contradictions and viruses?

It appears that, when talk of security and stability intensifies, social insecurity floats from the bottom of doubt and worry.

The process of building security starts from citizens, who must stand as the cornerstone of resistance against any threat. Social security can’t be guaranteed by a simplistic law enforcement approach that shuts its eyes to cultural, psychological, and economic factors.

Published on moroccoworldnews on sept 29, 2017

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