February 27, 2018
عن معضلة الانتقال من الإيديولوجي إلى الواقعي في برامج الحكومات العربية
March 5, 2018

A typical achievement

He was sitting at a café when I showed up. I greeted him and had a seat next to him. We exchanged some usual questions about our families and work. He told me that he had just retired from his job and he started to get used to his new way of living.

I told him that he had assumed his responsibility well and brought up his two children correctly and it was the very time to relax. He said that he bequeathed his children nothing but he did his best until they graduated and got their first job and he had spread the good morals and manners among his family. He seemed to be proud and confident of himself and his family.

This is a typical struggle and achievement we should look up to.

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