August 8, 2016
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August 13, 2016

Idioms (2)

In the previous lesson, we showed that an idiom is a special phrase that has got a typical meaning different from the meaning of the words forming the phrase. Idioms reflect the semantic riches of the language.

Here are some famous idioms in English:

A. Walk of life:            

     Example:               Our products target people from different walks of life.

     Meaning:               – a job that a person does 

                              or     – a position / status that a person helds within society.

B. Worried sick:

     Example:                My parents were worried sick about my scores!

     Meaning:                be very worried.

C. For free:

     Example:               I got this t-shirt for free!

     Meaning:                without payment or cost.

D. The pros and cons:

     Example:               We should  study the pros and cons of such a decision.                                           
    Meaning:                 The advantages and disadvantages of something.

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