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July 18, 2016
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How to add emphasis


We sometimes need to add emphasis in order to attract the attention of the listener / reader and focus on the importance of some sensitive points.

How to add emphasis:

There are many ways to add emphasis, among them we can mention the following:

1. By adding the modals “do”, “does” or “did” following the form:

Subject + do (did) + main verb …

Example: I did send my application before the deadline.

2. The use of the passive voice to focus on the action itself and its effect.

Example: Two cops were killed during the incident assault.

3. The use of the aderb “always” with the continuous form.

Example: He is always making troubles for the whole family.

4. The choice of some words that imply a strong meaning.

Example: “love” is stronger than “like”

5. Cleft sentences.

Cleft structure include some expressions such as: the reason why, the person who,

the day when, the place where and what – clauses which are usually linked to the

clause that we want to focus on with is or are.

Examples: The reason why I came is to shed the light on some problems.

It is I who called off the meeting.

The place where the misister was murdered is unknown.

6. Adverbial inversion.

How: Move the adverb to the beginning of the sentence, and invert the subject and

the auxiliary.


Normal word order: I had never seen such a beauty.

Using inversion: Never had I seen such a beauty.

Normal word order: I seldom meet them.

Using inversion: Seldom do I meet them.

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